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Growers can now manage their crops in a way that maximizes profitability while preserving the environment. Integrated pest management in agriculture is a method of managing crop pests and diseases that emphasizes ecologically sustainable agricultural practices to control pest populations. This approach combines the use of natural predators, parasites, biological products, and crop management strategies aimed at reducing damage while minimizing impact on the environment and human health. Our goal is to decrease pest populations to an acceptable level without resorting to harmful chemical pesticides for the environment and health.

At Anatis, our team of enthusiasts accompany you step by step in your approach. By partnering with nature, we can create sustainable and healthy processes that will help our planet regain balance.

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Solutions derived from nature to protect nature!

Local economy
Canadian products, ensuring fresh and effective insects.
Ecological footprint reduction
Reduction of CO2 emissions, no ocean crossing required.
Mission first
Optimizing product efficiency through effective expeditions.
Experienced and recognized team in the industry.

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Discover a variety of effective biologic control solutions for all your farming needs, from horticulture to greenhouse cultivation and vegetable crops.