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Refund and Return Policy

Anatis Bioprotection values all customers and our commitment to product quality and superior service. This is supported by a fair and reasonable return policy that best addresses customer concerns, costs, security of return supply chain, and compliance with applicable laws.

This Policy applies to all United States and Canadian customers effective April 1, 2023.  Anatis Bioprotection reserves the right to update and change all or any portion of this Policy without prior notice.

Return Authorization

Request for return or credit authorization must include the following information and must be pre-approved in writing by an Anatis authorized representative.

      • Original Anatis invoice number or customer account number
      • Specific item(s) and quantity being returned
      • Reason for return
    • Return Authorization will not be granted for:
      • Damaged Product more than 24 hrs. after original delivery date.
      • Products more than seven calendar days after original delivery dates
      • Products past expiration date
      • Product damaged or lost by customer or damaged in transit where transportation is arranged bycCustomer’s carrier
      • Product contaminated at customer site due to customer error
      • Opened containers
      • Product not in resalable condition
      • Product damaged by misuse, mishandling, neglect, or environmental factors
      • Product less than $100 Dollars per original order.


Refused delivery

  •  Where customer refuses delivery of any order of saleable item(s), the carrier will return the item(s) in accordance with Anatis instructions. The customer will receive credit, less our standard re-stocking fee, and any applicable costs.  Where return shipping costs exceed the order total the return will not be credited.


Order cancellation

    • Order changes or cancellation must occur prior to order fulfillment (7 days before shipping)
    • The customer will receive credit, less our standard re-stocking fee, and any applicable costs


Damage or lost in transit

    • Anatis’ responsibility for loss and damage ceases after a seven day period and no credit will be issued. Customer will be responsible for safe disposal in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements plus any related handling and disposal costs.
    • Customer and/or customer’s authorized third party carrier is liable for damage or lost returns in transit where customer arranges shipping.
    • Anatis’ authorized third party carrier is liable for damage or lost returns in transit where Anatis arranges shipping through a pre-authorized bill of lading.


Handling and disposition of Product

    • Customer may not return products to Anatis unless specific Products are preauthorized for return by Anatis in writing.
    • If customer has Products that cannot be returned to Anatis (in accordance with this Policy), then customer is responsible for proper handling and/or disposition of those products.
    • Anatis recommends customer first use products for the intended purpose, but in cases where customer chooses to dispose of these products, customer must ensure the waste product is re-packed, shipped, and disposed of in a manner that complies with all local, provincial (state), and federal laws and regulations.
    • Customer will indemnify and hold Anatis harmless from any damages or liability caused by customer’s failure to comply with such laws and regulations.
    • The customer will receive credit for Product in acceptable condition as determined by original supplier’s inspection process


Return Packaging & Labelling

    • Returns must be properly prepared for transport in compliance with applicable transportation regulations, and clearly reflect the return authorization number.
    • Anatis may charge customer for any related costs incurred due to customer error.
    • Customer must ship in accordance with Anatis’ shipping terms and instructions within seven calendar days of issuance of the return authorization or the return request is no longer authorized.
    • If carrier has not contacted customer within three calendar days of authorization, Customer must notify Anatis Customer Service.


Credit Issuance

    • Unless otherwise agreed, credits less applicable re-stocking fees or other charges may be issued in the same form as the payment of the original invoice, and will be issued after all inspection and handling is completed.


Re-Stocking Fees and Other Charges

    • Anatis reserves the right to charge customer for errors caused by the customer based on this Policy. Which include products ordered in error, refused at delivery or not cancelled in time to stop delivery.
    • Re-stocking fees are intended to cover a portion of the related return freight and handling costs incurred by Anatis.
    • Reasonable fees may be charged at the discretion of Anatis including but not limited to disposal costs and additional handling fees.