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Tricho-Mix® is a natural product for controling various or unidentified caterpillars causing damage in vegetable, ornamental, herbs and cannabis crops. Inside each Tricho-Mix card, there are 4 000 Trichogramma pupae – Trichogramma brassicae, Trichogramma ostriniae et Trichogramma minutum, tiny parasitoid wasps (1mm) of butterfly and moth eggs.

The mixture of these three species has a broader spectrum of action on unknown noictuid eggs or in the case of several species of moths. Once the Tricho-Mix card is in place, Trichogramma wasps will emerge after 2 to 5 days depending on the environmental conditions. Once emerged and mated, females actively search for butterfly or moth eggs on foliage. Whey they find eggs, they lay inside them. The Trichogramma larvae will develop and feed on the the embryo, thus canceling the hatching of defoliating caterpillars.

  • Tomatoes
  • Ornamentals (flowers)
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  • Cannabis
  • Leafy vegetables (lettuce, masclun, etc.)

  • Various caterpillar species
  • Unidentified caterpillar

  • The optimum conditions are a temperature between 18 and 30°C and a relative humidiy of 50 to 80 %.
  • A female parasite 50 eggs during her lifetime.
  • Trichogramma wasps will emerge after 2 to 5 days according to the temprature.
  • New trichogramma wasps adults will emerge after 10 days on the ambient temperature.


Trichogramma wasps card. Tricho-Mix

Water-resistant paper card, which on the inside contains glued pupae of Trichogramma spp..

Application rate

Tricho-Mix (Trichogramma wasps)
Crops Quantity Surface Frequency Duration
Various 1 card of 4000 pupae per 100 m2 7 days As needed

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