Trichogramma wasp card in a garment drawer to fight against clothes moths


trichogrammes Tricho-mites® is an organic product use to suppress food moths and clothes moths infestations in a safe way for human health. Trichogramma wasps specialize in parasitizing lepidopteran (moth and butterfly) eggs. These parasitic wasps are very effective at controlling food moths and clothes moths in homes, museums, businesses and industrial buildings. They can also be used as a treatment in bulk food stores, grain warehouses and flour mills.

The adults are tiny, measuring less than 1 mm. After mating, females actively seek lepidopteran eggs and lay their eggs inside. The trichogramma larvae develop and feed on the pest embryo.

Tricho-mites® cards contains parasitic wasps eggs. The cards are placed at the source of the infestation (e.g pantry, cupboard, etc.) and the surrondding area for a period of 8 weeks. The treatment can be prolonged if the infestation is significant.The use of Trichogramma wasps is safe for human health, animal health and the environment. They can be used alone or in combination with other control methods (e.g pheromone trap or ligh trap). They can also be applied in hard to reach or congested area.


This product can be purchased on our online store for producers under 2000 ft2 or residential. For a commercial purchase (2000 pi 2 and more), contact us.

Type of use

  • Residential (kitchens, pantry, closets, wardrobes, attics,garages)
  • Industrial (grain warehouses, granary, flour mills, food processing facilities)
  • Commercial (bulk food stores, pet stores, grocery stores, bakeries, restaurants)
  • Museums, libraries

Targeted pests

  • Indian mealmoth (Plodia interpunctella)
  • Mediterranean flour moth (Ephestia kuehniella)
  • Meal moth (Pyralis farinalis)
  • European grain moth (Nemapogon granella)
  • Clothes moth or mite (Tinea pellionella)
  • Other moth species

Life cycle

  • Optimal conditions are a temperature between 18 and 30 ° C and a relative humidity between 40 and 80%.
  • A female lays 50-60 eggs over a period of days.
  • The emergence of Trichogramma takes place 10 days after their removal from the refrigerator.
  • The eggs parasitized by Trichogramma black after 4-6 days. New adults emerge 3-6 days depending on ambient temperature.



  • A0016 - Tricho-mite Kit - 32 cards of 4000 pupae
  • A0017 - Tricho-mite card - 1 card of 4000 pupae

Introduction rate

Tricho-Corn (tiny wasps called trichogramma)
Crops Quantity Surface Frequency Duration
General 1 card for 25 m2 week 8 weeks

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Aphids, thrips and whiteflies are pests capable of breeding by parthenogenesis (without male fertilization).

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