Trichogramma wasps card hang on a corn plant to control European corn borer


Tricho-Corn® is a species of Trichogramma (Trichogramma ostriniae) specifically selected for maximum results in suppressing European corn borer eggs.

To reproduce, this beneficial insect lays its eggs inside moth or butterfly (Lepidoptera) eggs. As they develop, the Trichogramma larvae kill the pest’s egg, solving the problem right at the source.

This natural method eliminates the damage corn borer larvae cause to your corn plants. You will be reducing your need for environmentally-harmful insecticides while protecting your crops.

Using Trichogramma in agriculture is safe for humans, animals, plants and the environment. It’s nature at your service!


For the commercial market only.

Targeted crops

  • Sweet corn
  • Corn

Targeted pests

  • European corn borer (Ostrinia nubilalis)
  • Western bean cutworm (Striacosta albicosta)

Life cycle

  • The life cycle of Trichogramma wasp lasts 14 days at 21 ° C.
  • The optimum conditions are a temperature between 18 to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 50 to 80%.
  • A female can lay 60-70 eggs over a period of 1 to 2 weeks.
  • The development of the larvae lasts 10 days.
  • Trichograms on the cards emerge after 2 to 3 days at 20 to 27 ° C.



  • 8 000 eggs parasitized with Trichogramma

Introduction rate

Tricho-Corn (tiny wasps called trichogramma)
Crops Quantity Surface Frequency Duration
Sweet corn 1 card 200 m2 or 2 153 sq. ft week 5 weeks minimum
Sweet corn 20 cards 1 acre week 5 weeks minimum
Sweet corn 50 cards 1 hectare sweek 5 weeks minimum

Additional information

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Targeted pest

Targeted production

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Thrips can lay up to 300 eggs during their lifetime.

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