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Neoseiulus cucumeris, which is the best format to use for your ornamental and vegetables greenhouse crops?

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Application of a sachet of Neoseiulus Cucumeris in a flowerpot

Neoseiulus cucumeris is available in progressive release bags,in bulk on bran and in bulk on vermiculite. Each format has its advantages and limitations.

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How to apply BioCeres® WP (Beauveria bassiana) for best results

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Beauveria bassiana infecting an aphid

Beauveria bassiana is the main ingredient of the bio-insecticide BioCeres® WP. It is a living organism that behaves like a parasite against pests. Mix and use correctly Beauveria bassiana is very effective for biological control.

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BioCeres WP compatible with bees

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

BioCeres bee friendly

BioCeres WP, a bioinsecticide based on Beauveria bassiana fungus, is harmless to honeybees

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Green lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea) communicates by stridulation inaudible to the human ear.

Source : Insect Sounds and Communication : physiology, Behaviour, Ecology and Evolution (2006)

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