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For reasons of confidentiality and security, we do not reveal the name of our customers.


I just want to thank the team Anatis Bioprotection for helping me get through the difficult battle against broad mites.

Anatis took the time to send members of its team to analyze my situation and they were able to identify the exact type of pests on my plants and set up a plan of attack.

Now that I work with them, I do not spray pesticides anymore and I work in a much more pleasant environment.



The team is friendly, and they know about insects.

Very good knowledge of the plant and its production. My predators arrive quickly, and I have no problem.

plan to continue to do the least foliar treatment and use the predators in our nursery.


An effective arsenal for combating cannabis pests


Predatory mites

7 species of predatory mites to attack thrips, broad mites, two-spotted spider mites and fungus gnats.


Beneficial insects

19 predators and parasitoids to devour spider mites, thrips, aphids, caterpillars and fungus gnats.

Vers nématodes


4 species of nematodes and several mixtures, to control aphids, thrips, spider mites, fungus gnats and caterpillars.



BioCeres, a bioinsecticide registered in 2018 for indoor production of commercial cannabis. It is effective against root aphids. BioCeres was designed and developed by Anatis Bioprotection.

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Pest identification.

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Creation and monitoring of an Organic Integrated Pest Management program.

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Technical training in screening and quality control.

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Research and development

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Popular questions

Why is Biological Control Beneficial to Cannabis Cultivation?

When growing cannabis, biological control provides a level of control equivalent or superior to that of pesticides for major pests. In addition, the planned release (Organic IPM program — Organic Integrated Pest Management program) reduces the stresses exerted on the plant by foliar applications and therefore improves their quality and yield.

In addition to reducing the negative effects on the environment and workers, biological control facilitates access to the production area through the absence of a safety delay. Biocontrol agents are accepted as an input into conventional and organic cannabis production.

What are your services?

For this to work, biological control must be planned and integrated into your production schedule. We provide you with a free personalized biological control plan; including predator selection, introductory rate, frequency, and estimate ($). Our team ensures regular follow-up with you to perfect your program.

Identifying your pests

We make sure to identify your problem so we can fix it quickly. The identification of the pest can be done by photo or by a sample of specimens in 70% alcohol. The identity is generally known after 24 to 48 hours following the reception.

Technical Training in Screening and Quality Control

We take the time to properly train your staff and assist them in the success of their biological control program. To do this, we offer training on the different techniques of detection and control of pests, as well as on quality control techniques. This information will help you reduce the time and yield loss.

Research and development

Anatis Bioprotection has always valued research and innovation. It's at the very heart of our DNA. We are working in full collaboration with the Quebec research center Biopterre, the Université de Montréal, the Université de Moncton and the Phytochemia analysis laboratory, in the first exhaustive inventory of pests and diseases on cannabis and hemp. Participation is anonymous (signature of confidentiality agreement if necessary) - for authorized producers (LP) and designated (AMCPR) only.

Note that our services are only for Authorized Producers (LP) and Designated Producers (ACMPR).

Who are your services and products for?

Our services are only available to Authorized Producers (LP) and Designated Producers (ACMPR) (licensed by Health Canada).

As far as our products are concerned, some are specifically aimed at authorized producers (mass producers).

Other general-purpose products for biological control in cannabis can be purchased at our online store by designated or personal producers.


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Authorized Producers (LP) Designated Producers (ACMPR)

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Our goal is simple : to provide effective solutions to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture.

— Silvia Todorova, Ph. D, president

Who we are


Nearly 25 years ago, Silvia Todorova, a PhD student in biology and environmental science, set about creating a biopesticide with a Quebec micro-fungus that tackles pests.

After many years of research and development, the biopesticide BioCeres was born and at the same time the creation of the first breeding farm of biological control agents in Quebec in 2005.



Today, we count about ten employees, specialized in entomology, microbiology and organic agriculture. Our biological control products are primarily intended for the commercial production of cannabis, vegetable crops, ornamentals and herbs in Canada.



We have innovation in mind for the challenges of tomorrow. In addition to doing our own research and development, we participate in several public projects to provide effective solutions to reduce the use of chemical pesticides in agriculture.

Thanks to our partners and, above all, to several agricultural producers who want to reduce their pesticide applications, we are moving forward in the future with a lot of hope.


Portrait de Mylène St-Onge
Mylène St-Onge, Ph. D
Production and Research
Portrait of Alejandra Hilaron
Alejandra Hilarión, M.Sc
Mites specialist
Portrait of David Salazor
David Salazar, DESS
Insect specialists
Portrait of Roxanne-Sarah Bernard
Roxanne S. Bernard
Portrait of Claude Robert
Claude Robert
Picture of Pascale Michaud
Pascale Michaud
Customer service
Portrait of Sylvie Bergeron
Sylvie Bergeron
Portrait of Martin Nadeau
Martin Nadeau, Ph. D
R & D in microbiology