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BioCeres WP bio-insecticide certified for cannabis, fine and robust herbs and sweet potato cuttings

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Medical cannabis plant with bio-insecticide bag BioCeres WP

Bioceres WP — Three new certifications

Anatis BioprotectionWe are very proud to announce that BioCeres WP received three new certifications, for controlling thrips, aphids and whiteflies in the following greenhouse crops :

  1. medical cannabis
  2. fine and robust herbs
  3. sweet potato cuttings

These new certifications join the product’s existing certifications for greenhouse ornamental crops, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Certified organic in Canada and the U.S., BioCeres WP assures preventive pest control with no phytotoxicity thanks to its all-natural ingredients. A 2 to 4 g/L preventive application reduces pest populations in these crops.

Medical cannabis (also called therapeutic cannabis, medical marijuana and therapeutic marijuana)

Medical cannabis plants

Canada’s medical cannabis industry is expected to grow considerably over the next few years. Due to how it is consumed (ingested and inhaled), only 15 products are certified by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) to control pests on this crop. Adding BioCeres WP to the list provides an additional certified organic solution that is safe for human health.

Fine and robust herbs

Greenhouse with basil plants

BioCeres WP has been tested on several herb species in a Canadian mass-production greenhouse. The application caused no phytotoxicity and was confirmed highly effective by the production team It is also safe for the predatory mites currently used on this type of crop.

Sweet potato cuttings

Sweet potatoes

Making sweet potato cuttings in the greenhouse considerably speeds up the growth of these plants. This technique usually leads to an earlier harvest, with greater yield. The sweet potato plant’s two main pests are thrips and aphids. One preventive application of BioCeres WP on the cuttings will reduce the damage these pests cause and help their natural predators get established.

See the Bioceres WP sheet

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