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Why It’s Important to be Proactive and Not Reactive When Using Biologicals

Published on: | Created by: Ronald Valentin

Tags: beauveria bassiana, biological control agents

Organic vegetable sprout protected by biological control agents

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Caterpillars of the European corn borer in the pepper, trichogramma wasps to fight them

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard


Control the European corn borer caterpillars in the pepper with Trichogramma wasps, an effective alternative to insecticides or pesticides.

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Fighting Leek Moths in Garlic Crops Using Trichogramma

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Tags: garlic, leek moth, pepper, trichogramma

Field of garlic with small bags of trichogramma to fight leek moth

The leek moth is a pest that attacks garlic. Trichogramma brassicae is an excellent solution to combat this pest.

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Biological control products and beneficial insects for farmers and greenhouse growers