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    What problem are you experiencing?

    To provide you with the right product, we need to know what pest is attacking your crops (insect/mite/invertebrate/other).

    If you are having difficulty identifying the pest(s), we offer a pest identification service. We can identify pests through photos (of the pest or the damage) or via a specimen sample (living or dead). In more complex cases, we will refer you to the Laboratoire d’expertise et de diagnostic en phytoprotection (MAPAQ) or another recognized institution.

    What are you growing, how and where?

    To recommend the right biological control agents and in adequate number, we need to know as much as possible about your production.


    • your type of production (crop, growing method, etc.)
    • your crop’s stage of maturity
    • the surface occupied by your production (sq. ft. or m2)
    • the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and other, if needed)
    • all other relevant information


    • your location (municipality)
    • your type of production (crop, growing method, substrate, etc.)
    • your crop’s stage of maturity
    • the width and length of your production (in feet or metres)
    • the presence of boards, pathways, blocks, windbreaks, etc.
    • all other relevant information

    Biological control products and beneficial insects for farmers and greenhouse growers