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    In what conditions will my products be shipped?

    We have been working to reduce the adverse effects of shipping for several years now. Depending on the criteria (temperature, type of agent, shipping time, etc.), your biological control agents will be shipped in a cardboard box with thermal insulation, insulating papers, an icepack, etc.

    What day are orders shipped and how soon can I expect my order?
    • Generally, orders are shipped on Tuesdays or Wednesdays (except for Canadian holidays) via Purolator.
    • You should receive your order within 24 to 48 hours, depending on your region.
    • Shipping times and fees may vary by destination, chosen delivery method and product availability.

    This information will be provided during your transaction with your Anatis representative.

    Do I need to sign for the package?

    Yes, we ask that you sign for your package as a means to reduce the risk of mortality during shipment. This way, the package will be in the hands of someone who can keep it in more favourable conditions or in accordance with the indications on the packet.

    I’ll be right next door to my greenhouse!

    If no one is physically present at the main door of the address you provided, the delivery person will leave again, taking your order.

    Is it possible to remove the mandatory signature requirement?

    Yes, customers who, for many reasons, prefer not having to sign for a package can request a “signature not required” (SNR) code from the carrier. This code will replace your signature, allowing the package to be placed on your doorstep. Purolator has a Single Shipment Use form and a Multiple Shipment Use form for this purpose.

    What happens if I missed the delivery?

    In some regions, another attempt will be made the next day or the next business day. In more remote areas, your package will be sent directly to your region’s depot. Contact your Anatis representative for assistance.

    Does my package have a tracking number?

    Yes, the carrier will email you a tracking number by the evening of the day your package ships. You can use this number to track your package and check the estimated delivery date.

    If you have not received a tracking number, check your junk mail folder. If it not there, contact your Anatis representative. He or she can help!

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