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    In what conditions will my products have been shipped?

    We have been working to reduce the adverse effects of shipping for several years now. Depending on the criteria (temperature, type of agent, shipping time, etc.), your biological control agents will be shipped in a cardboard box with thermal insulation, insulating papers, an icepack, etc.

    What should I immediately check upon receiving my box?

    Upon receipt, your Anatis Biotprotection package should not :

    • Have an internal temperature over 30°C
    • Have an internal temperature below 0°C
    • Emit a foul odour
    • Be seriously damaged (e.g. a hole in the shipping box)

    Contact your representative if you note any of the above. He or she will be able to help.

    Opening your box

    As soon as you receive your package, open the shipping box and check the number of products against the number indicated on the included purchase order. Place the containers on a work surface and assess the condition of the biological control agents.

    Depending on the type of agent, here are the materials you will need to check their viability :

    • Binocular microscope or magnifying glass (10 to 20X)
    • A spoon
    • A petri dish or small container
    • A white tray or white sheet of paper
    • A white tray or white sheet of paper
    • A measuring container (in ml)

    o know how to assess your agents’ condition, refer to this document :
    Grower Guide: Quality Assurance of Biocontrol Products

    What do I do if I find mortality or early emergence?

    SIf, upon receipt, your agents are dead, sluggish or have started to emerge (Trichogramma/Encarsia formosa), contact your representative within 24 hours of receiving the order or send an email to this address:

    Biological control products and beneficial insects for farmers and greenhouse growers