Bioprotect PLUS contre les chenilles défoliatrices

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Siroccois a contact fungicide that kills by dehydrating spores and their growing strands. This potassium bicarbonate based foliar fungicide alters the pH on the leaf surface causing the inhibition of enzymes implicated in fungal cell wall formation.

It helps control and suppress powdery mildew on vegetables, cannabis and ornamental crops, grey mold of grapes and scab of apple trees.Use Sirocco in prevention to avoid the development of fungal diseases.

Targeted crops in Canada

  • Greenhouse/inside crops: cucumber, sweet pepper, tomato, pumpkin, flowering dogwood, bee balm, african daisy, hydrangea, poinsettia, phlox, cannabis, strawberries, herbs and spices.
  • Field crops : peppers, strawberries, herb and spices, hops, stone fruits, artichokes, curcurbits, grapes, flowering dogwood, bee balm, african daisy, hydrangea, poinsettia and phlox and apple trees.

Please refer to the product label before ordering/using.

  • Powdery mildew
  • Grey mold
  • Scab

Please refer to the product label before ordering/using.


Box with Sirocco

Powder - Active ingredient: Potassium bicarbonate 85,00%

Available in box of 2 kg or 10 kg.


  • Start your applications at the first signs of the disease or when the conditions are conducive for disease development.
  • Apply every 7 or 14 days.
  • Use adequate spray volume to obtain excellent coverage of foliage.
  • Shorten the application interval after rainy weather or according to plant growth and disease pressure.

Please refer to the product label to find out all the target crops and diseases and the rates proposed to control them.

Pre-harvest interval (PHI)

The pre-harvest interval (PHI) is 0 days.

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  • Sirocco can be stored at room temperature, according to the storage conditions for pesticides, for a period of 3 years.
  • To avoid risk of contamination, store this product away from animals and food destined for human consumption.


For the commercial market only.

Certificate of application of pesticides required to purchase. Accepted in organic production.

1 800-305-7714

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