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Compatibility of BioCeres WP based on Beauveria bassiana with fungicides and insecticides

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Person performing compatibility tests on BioCeres WP based on Beauvais bassiana
Martin Nadeau, directeur scientific director bio-insecticide division
Martin Nadeau

BioCeres® WP is a biological insecticide made from the spores of the ANT-03 strain of the Beauveria bassiana entomopathogenic fungus. It is certified organic in Canada and the United States. Due to its unique makeup, it may not have the same compatibility with certain pesticides (insecticides and fungicides) as other Beauveria bassiana-based products.

Compatibility tests

Compatibility tests were conducted in the laboratory of Anatis Bioprotection’s bio-insecticide division, by Martin Nadeau, PhD, Scientific Director, and Jorge Fernandez, M.Sc. The tests involved measuring the germination of Beauveria bassiana spores (%) after mixing BioCeres® WP with the tested products. The doses (weight/volume) used for the tests respected the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Incompatible or moderately incompatible pesticides

Some pesticides have been deemed incompatible with BioCeres WP. In the laboratory tests, these products considerably reduced or completely stopped the activity of the Beauveria bassiana spores. Unable to form properly, the spores were ineffective at contaminating and killing pest insects. It is therefore recommended that users wait five or more days before applying an incompatible pesticide.

Moderately incompatible pesticides can reduce spore activity by 30% to 40%, thus partially reducing the treatment’s effectiveness. They can be mixed with BioCeres, but it is preferable to adjust the doses accordingly.

An ongoing project

Over the next several years, Anatis Bioprotection, with the help its partner BioSafe Systems, will be testing different pesticides to expand knowledge of compatibility and maximize the effects of spray applications. This document, found in the BioCeres WP sheet, will be periodically updated.

Download the Compatibility Tables for Tank Mixes Containing BioCeres WP.

Compatibility of BioCeres (Beauveria bassiana) with insecticides and fungicides

Ask your representative before mixing BioCeres® WP with an untested product.

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