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News on biological pest control in greenhouse and field crops

Neoseiulus cucumeris, which is the best format to use for your ornamental and vegetables greenhouse crops?

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Tags: cucumeris

Application of a sachet of Neoseiulus Cucumeris in a flowerpot

Neoseiulus cucumeris is available in progressive release bags,in bulk on bran and in bulk on vermiculite. Each format has its advantages and limitations.

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Mechanical spraying of trichogramma in field, a unique and innovative tool for the control of corn borer

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Tags: sprayer, trichogramma

Woman on a motorized who mechanically sprays beneficial insects in the field

Simple and effective technique for trichogramma spraying in the field using a conventional sprayer, equipment already present in most producers

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Compatibility of BioCeres WP based on Beauveria bassiana with fungicides and insecticides

Published on: | Created by: Roxanne S. Bernard

Tags: beauveria bassiana, bio-insecticide, bioceres, fungicide

Person performing compatibility tests on BioCeres WP based on Beauvais bassiana

Compatibility of BioCeres WP insecticide based on the entomopathogenic fungus Beauveria bassiana with pesticides (fungicides and insecticides).

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