Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri small black ladybug predator of mealybugs and aphids


Mealybug Destroyers (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) is a small black ladybug with an orange head, measuring 3-5 mm. The larvae are white and filamentous, closely resembling a woolly adult mealybug. Adult and larvae are predators and feed on mealybugs, armoured scales and certain species of aphids. The adult and young larvae prefers consume Mealybugs eggs and older larvae will eat mealybug at all stage.

Mealybug Destroyer is the biological agent the most used in the fight against mealybugs (e.g. Planococcus citri and Pseudococcus spp.). Cryptolaemus is able to establish itself in greenhouse crops but it seems to have a preference for green wall, high plant composition and diversified arrangements in some plants collection and educational greenhouses. This ladybug can control several species of mealybug. However, it needs the presence of oviparous species to be able to reproduce, since females lay their eggs directly in mealybug cottony egg-masses. Cryptolaemus montrouzieri can be sensitive to the use of pesticides and may attempt to flee if pesticides are detected.


For the commercial market only.

Targeted crops

  • Ornamental plants (orchid et tropical plants)
  • Indoor plants and indoor fruit trees

Targeted pests

  • Mealybugs (Pseudoccoccus spp.)
  • Black scale of the olive tree (Saissetia oleae et Saissetia coffeae)
  • Red scale or California red scale (Aonidiella aurantii)
  • Black Parlatoria scale (Parlatoria ziziphi)
  • Brown soft scale (Coccus hesperidum)
  • Autres espèces du genre Coccus
  • Oleander scale (Aspidiotus nerii)
  • Purple scale (Lepidosaphes beckii)

Life cycle

  • The Cryptolaemus montrouzieri life cycle is 31 days at 27 °C and 45 days at 21 °C.
  • Optimal conditions for development are temperatures between 17 °C and 32 °C, with 70% relative humidity.
  • Adults live approximately 50 days.
  • Females lay 5 to 10 eggs per day for a total of 400-500 eggs in their lifetime.
  • Each larva will consume up to 250 mealybugs.
  • The larvae pupate in sheltered areas and on the greenhouse structure.
  • Below 9 ° C and above 33 ° C, the beetle becomes inactive.



  • with small strips of paper or straw. Containers of 250, 5 000, 7 500 or 10 000 adults.

Introduction rate

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
Crops Quantity Surface Frequency Duration
General 2 to 5 adults per m2 as needed as needed
Mature fruit tree 0,2 à 0,5 adults per m2 as needed as needed

Targeted pest

Targeted production

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